Corona restrictions and incidence levels differ heavily around the globe and keep changing. Here is a sketch of the situation in Germany in early October as you consider joining the WFSF conference in Berlin in person.
Disclaimer: We tried our best but cannot guarantee the accurateness or completeness of this information. And of course, this is not a forecast for late October.
Entry into Germany:
When entering Germany, you will have to show proof of vaccination (German: “geimpft”) or recovery (“genesen”) or a recent negative test result (“getested”). In German it is called the 3G approach. For the conference, a 2G-approach is used.
Only the vaccines of Pfizer/BionNTech, AstraZeneca, Moderna and Janssen-Cilag are authorized in Germany. More details at the Foreign Office.
Additional requirements on entry depend on the country/ies you have been to before coming to Germany:
Most countries
No additional requirements
High risk areas
This currently includes for example Israel, parts of Norway, the Philippines, Romania, Russia, Turkey, the UK, the USA, and more. Look for your country and updates here.
You will have to register your entry into Germany and provide proof of vaccination, recovery, or test here:
If you are not vaccinated or recovered, you will have to go into quarantine for a minimum of 5 days.
Areas of variants of concern
The currently are no countries in this group.
14 days of quarantine are required regardless of vaccination, recovery or test.
For returning to your country, please refer to the rules applying there. Germany’s 7-day incidence is currently stable at around 65. Almost 65% of all Germans are fully vaccinated as of October 2nd.
At the Humboldt-Carré
You will have to prove that you are vaccinated or recovered when you enter the premise. Using this 2G-rule, you will not have to wear a medical mask inside the event space.