24th World Conference

28th October, 2021 (Thursday)
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Future of Legal Research

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Assistant Professor of Law, PMU
Event Description

The present paper moves from some simple considerations regarding the employment status of Uber drivers in order to explore the recent improvements of AI based text generators models.

The first part of the work focuses on some of the issues stemming from the Uber business model and addresses them with an approach that will be better clarified in paragraph 2.

The second part of the paper explores the role of the artificial intelligence, taking into account the recent innovations on this field and reasoning on their possible implementation in the legal arena. In this context, the Uber experience arises as the ideal case study to test the performances of the AI.

The main finding of this work are that there is a promising ground for the implementation of AI based solutions in the legal reasoning, but further research should be conducted in order to keep the pace with the quick development of the AI based language models.