24th World Conference

28th October, 2021 (Thursday)
21:30-23:30 (CET)

Experiencing Scenarios as a First Hand Experience through Forward Theater

Event Speaker
Director, Teach the Future Mexico
Executive Board Member, World Futures Studies Federation
Event Description

Theater is a powerful ludic-pedagogical tool. As an experiential methodology of the Futures field, Forward Theater allows people to experience scenarios such as stories, as a first hand experience. Through scenes, they manifest possibilities of the best, the worst, the most probable thing that could happen at a certain time (usually departing from ten years and up) and on a specific topic (environment, education, etc. .) collectively. It is the result of a mixture between Psychology, Prospective and Theater. It is based on a breath-body-voice warming to connect with oneself and have a spiritual insight; theater techniques and final stage performances (the scenarios). Participants experience a drill, an essay on what they can think, feel and do in future situations. During the method, the long-term vision, the narrative of futures, storytelling, emotional intelligence and decision-making, among other elements, are applied. All this becomes meaningful learning.
Attendees will play, move, defy their creativity, imagination and more while playing and learning about Futures.