24th World Conference

28th October, 2021 (Thursday)
Parallel session

The Future is Feminist

Session Chairs
Futures researcher, (M.A. Freie Universität Berlin)
Futures researcher, (M.A. Freie Universität Berlin)
Session Description

Narratives and discourses on the future of society and the planet shape the world\’s stage itself. In our panel we want to add a feminist point of view to the cultural conversation about futures. Using the examples of women* and their work in futures studies, we will discuss how they need to be more recognised in futures studies. In our panel we want to talk about the importance of feminist futures and potential ambivalences.

Questions like: Who is (not) talking about futures? Who is (not) represented in this discourses? Why does that matter? What are current approaches and challenges with respect to intersectional feminist futures?

Alu Kitzerow, Melisande Rodenacker and Franziska Schönfeld are Berlin based futures researcher (M.A. Futures Studies, Free University of Berlin) and co-founder of the project which was launched in spring 2021. Alu Kitzerow’s focus of interest im futures studies are futures of family and of education.

Franziska Schönfeld’s focus of interest in futures studies are feminist futures and of arts education.

Melisande Rodenacker\’s focus of interest in future studies are participative methods, critical analysis of desired futures and creative development of possible pathways.

The platform aims to improve the visibility and networking of female future researchers in all subject areas. In addition, they promote scientific exchange as well as opportunities for cooperation and further training for future researchers and women* who are professionally involved in future-oriented thinking and the design of the future.