24th World Conference

29th October, 2021 (Friday)
Parallel session
Part of the ONLINE program

WFSF as a 'Distributed Global Lab'

Session Chair
Director, Educore BV
Founding Partner, Future Center Alliance
Session Description

The next decades of the 21st century need a generative innovation commons for addressing grand societal challenges – a kind of \’mission lab for SDGs.

Leveraging distributed collective intelligence for this online innovation commons is a challenge the WFSF and similar knowledge networks can take on:

It is possible to see the World Futures Studies Federation as a networked Global Lab capable of tackling wicked societal problems with the knowledge, experience and perspectives of people from all continents?

How would such a global lab work?

Is it even possible?

This session is participative in nature, run as a pre-prototyping workshop with sufficient time for interaction with each other and with basic building-blocks for Global Labs.

It is a speculative exploration of (im)possibilities, exploring provocative ideas and how to realize them in practice.

Help us create a new narrative for the generative innovation commons, and more ways to tackle major challenges together in an focused co-creative way.