Caroline Lopes

Master in Economics and Management of Science, Technology and Innovation, with a focus on Future Studies, by the Superior Institute of Economics and Management of the University of Lisbon. Other training in Foresight and Designing Ethical Futures held in Lisbon (ISEG) and Copenhagen (CIID). Holds a MBA in Marketing from the GetĂșlio Vargas Foundation, Brazil. Extensive experience in management, marketing, digital transformation and foresight in companies in Brazil and Portugal. Member of Teach the Future, a global movement dedicated to bringing future literacy to schools and students around the world. Entrepreneur and Foresight consultant by Guia Futurabilidade. Undergraduate Professor at IDP – Brazilian Institute of Education, Development and Research in BrasĂ­lia/Brazil.

Analyzing the impact of the prospective process on the perception of young people regarding the Future of Work in Brazil in 2030