Dr. Christian Neuhaus

Professional in Futures Studies
FUTURESAFFAIRS, Office for informed Futures Studies, Berlin
Free University of Berlin, Germany

Dr. Christian Neuhaus is a counselor to profit and non-profit organizations on the informed handling of future related questions and challenges, based in his FUTURESAFFAIRS office, Berlin. For thirty years, he is a professional in futures studies on various fields of interests in Europe, Asia and the U.S.. In a premium car makers R&D Division, he headed the research team “Automotive Business Environment and Emerging Markets” until 2015. Furthermore, in a multitude of industries he designed and supported strategy processes on the basis of carefully crafted images of the future. His academic interests focus the epistemic foundations of futures studies. He lectures on futures studies at Free University Berlin and other Universities and is the author of “Zukunft im Management”, a book on the management of futures in organizations, author of further publications on related topics, and co-editor of „Standards of Futures Research. Guidelines for Practice and Evaluation“. Christian Neuhaus studied communications and business administration and did a doctorate in organization and management science on organizational coping with uncertainty.

Conference activities