Dr. Stanza (Steve Tanza)

International award-winning digital artist
Venice Biennale: Victoria Albert Museum: Tate Britain: Mundo Urbano Madrid

Dr Stanza is an independent artist who is based in London who has been exhibiting worldwide since 1984. His work lives at the intersection of art and the deeper understanding of potential future disruptive and opportunistic scenarios. Stanza’s digital artworks are experienced as fused mashed-up data cities and real-time performative city experiences, networked real-time information flows, and future potential problems about observation, invisible agency, and the ethics of the control space and the changing human environment. The artwork demonstrates how we are complicit and thus entangled in the surveyed and monitored technological layers that the artworks are communicating and fit seamlessly into what he calls panoptic aesthetics.

His artworks have won twenty international art prizes and art awards.
Vidalife 6.0 First Prize Spain. SeNef Grand Prix Korea. Videobrasil
First Prize Brazil. Cynet Art First Prize Germany. Share First Prize
Winner Italy. Wolfsen 25 UK. AOF Nova Competition Norway.

Stanza artworks have been exhibited in over one hundred exhibitions
globally. Participating venues have included:- Venice Biennale:
Victoria Albert Museum: Tate Britain: Mundo Urbano Madrid: Bruges
Museum: Fundacion Telefonica in Madrid: TSSK Norway: Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo Mexico.


The Emergent City and Invisible Agency