Helga Veigl

Member of the Executive Board
Professional Futurist
The Futures Lab, Inc.

// Helga Veigl has 9 years of experience in academic Futures Studies, and 7 years in practicing Futures Studies and Foresight at The Futures Lab, Inc. She is from Hungary, currently living in Rijeka, Croatia and is a resident in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

// She is currently doing research on two topics: 1) how to digitalise, AI-enhance and visualise foresight processes; 2) supply chain transparency for sustainable futures. She is continuously working on to meet the criteria of Jim Dator’s “To be a good futurist…” list.

// Helga studied for her PhD in Futures Studies (The Science of Foresight) at Corvinus University in Budapest. With specific emphasis on systems thinking, foresight processes and modelling she is a seasoned workshop facilitator on multiple foresight projects. Helga is an expert in Weak Signals and the application in creating future insights, indicators and scenarios. Helga is the founding member and former Secretary of the Hungarian Association of the Club of Rome.

// She is a creator of critical foresight digital developments that she designs and manages. She developed the data system that manages and supports the various foresight methods and maps foresight processes. Her designs and visuals are a major contribution for the development of the scenario narratives.

// Helga is a member of the Scientific and Research Committee of the World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF), and the Scientific Committee for the KSA PMU-WFSF Futures Research Grant, and she is elected for the WFSF Executive Board for the term 2021-2025.

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