24th World Conference

28th October, 2021 (Thursday)
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Art and Speculative Futures

Event Speaker
Founder and Director and Head of Research - curation and incubator programs, re:future Lab
Event Description

Madeleine Schwinge
Founder and director
Head of research, curation, and incubator programs will reflect upon the philosophy behind the re:future Lab’s mission to put forward future advocates who address the urgent upheavals on the edge of our time and to foster new narratives for social and cultural shifts. How can we, facing radical upheavals and unprecedented crises, prepare for the times ahead and find solutions for the pressing issues of our time, both at individual and social levels?
re:future Lab dares to focus on speculative scenarios that, without denying the problems of today, attempt to build sustainable and balanced futures. The wide range of featured artists and protagonists are all forward-driven thinkers, capable of challenging our habitual mindsets and expanding our imagination.