Carlos Eduardo Barbosa

Researcher Member
COPPE/UFRJ Future Laboratory and NEF/The Millenium Project
IT Analyst
Brazilian Navy

Carlos Eduardo Barbosa was born in Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil in 1981. He received the B.S. degree in computer science from the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro in 2006, and received the M.Sc. and D.Sc. degrees in Systems Engineering and Computing from the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro in 2010, and 2018, respectively. Since 2010, he has been a Technologist at the Center for Naval Systems Analyses (Brazilian Navy), working as software development Technical Leader.

In 2016, he helped found the Laboratório do Futuro (Future LAB) – COPPE / UFRJ, a group of more than 20 researchers interested in exploring themes such as the future of cities, government, science and work. Currently, the LAB is part of the Brazilian node of The Millennium Project , and is a member of the World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF). At the LAB, Carlos Eduardo coordinates the “Understanding the Future” research line, having published articles and technical reports.

His research interests include Future-oriented Technology Analysis (FTA), Knowledge Management, Decision Support Systems, and Crowdsourcing.

NERMAP: Towards Automating Technology Roadmapping