Fabian Buder

Head of Future & Trends Research
NIM Nuremberg Institute for Market Decisions
Research Affiliate
IFTF Institute for the Future

Fabian is a Sociologist by training and a multidisciplinary researcher by choice. During his career, he worked in the field of socially sustainable urban development and economic development programs, earned his PhD in agricultural and food marketing (2011) at the University of Kassel, and later consulted food companies on consumer behavior and market trends at the market research company GfK SE. Following his passion for research, he left GfK in 2013 to join NIM Nuremberg Institute for Market Decisions, where he currently heads the Future & Trends research group.

His research interests include topics such as the role of a “Purpose beyond Profit” for businesses, the future of management decision-making practices, and the question of how foresight can be leveraged more effectively for decision-making in organizations. In addition to his research interests, he is a frequent lecturer at German and international universities, workshop facilitator and keynote speaker.

Radically rethinking the future of everything. Development of a workshop approach to create more diverse scenarios