Kimberly Camrass

Kimberly Camrass is the Sustainability Manager at Griffith University and is currently completing a PhD in regenerative futures at the University of the Sunshine Coast. She has significant experience in strategic foresight, sustainability strategy and environmental education across the corporate, not-for-profit and government sectors. As a former teacher, Kimberly is particularly passionate about the role of education in inspiring change, creating connections and facilitating regenerative outcomes.

Kimberly’s current research examines how futures thinking and methods can facilitate regenerative communities. Applying a futures lens to regenerative thinking and practice, she has developed a Regenerative Futures model, proposing a framework to achieve positive transformation for complex local systems. Kimberly is specifically interested in how futures tools may assist us to deepen the stories we tell about place and uncover the underlying worldviews and metaphors that support them.

Regenerative urban futures – creating a narrative of hope and empowerment