Yuri Oliveira de Lima

Researcher Member
Future LAB - COPPE/UFRJ and The Millennium Project

Yuri Lima is a Production Engineer, Master in Production Engineering from COPPE/UFRJ and Doctor in Systems and Computer Engineering from COPPE/UFRJ. He is currently a postdoctoral researcher at COPPE / UFRJ in the project “COVID-19 and Automation: a support model for the professional transition of unemployed workers”.

In 2016, he helped found the Laboratório do Futuro (Future LAB) – COPPE / UFRJ, a group of more than 20 researchers interested in exploring themes such as the future of cities, government, science, and work. Currently, the LAB is part of the Brazilian node of The Millennium Project, and is a member of the World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF). At the LAB, Yuri coordinates the “Future of Work” research line, having published articles and technical reports, organized events, and given lectures and interviews on the subject.

His research on the Future of Work involves topics such as the impact of automation in Brazil, new ways of working, prospecting future work scenarios, algorithmic management, technological assessment and professional requalification.

In 2019, he founded LABORe, a social impact business that uses data science to help public managers, companies, higher education institutions and individuals to understand the world of work and make better decisions.

He also acts as coordinator and professor of the Computer Science course at Univeritas Rio de Janeiro.

NERMAP: Towards Automating Technology Roadmapping