24th World Conference

28th October, 2021 (Thursday)
05:00-05:50 (CET)

Dreams and Disruptions: A Foresight Game

Event Description

How might we integrate randomness, shocks, chaos disorder, discontinuity and wildcards in mapping and anticipating emergence? How can leaders and movements change the conditions of change? How about planetary types of disruptions shaping the way we imagine the future? How might global disruptions affect our ways of knowing and imagining the real? We are moving into a more hyperlocalize and heterogeneous world beyond multiplicities and pluralisms, can scenario building or dreaming be inclusive, diverse, ethical and reflective?

Dreams and Disruptions is a scenario-building card game that uses time horizons, drivers of change, leadership, and movements, as well as disruptors to create stress-tested and anti-fragile visions of the future.