Tamás Gáspár

Senior researcher
Budapest Business School

Tamás Gáspár is a senior researcher at the Budapest Business School and a research director of the Future Value Chain Centre of Excellence. He has been dealing with futures studies since 1998, published a book – Strategia Sapiens – and several articles. His main interests are the background and the methodology as well as the intergenerational aspects of foresight. For the latter in 2009 he returned to study, became a primary school teacher and has been dealing with children, age 6-12, in various programmes. At the same time he gives courses on research methods and analysis at the university as well as strategic foresight for PhD students.
Tamás is the member of WFSF, and as a member of the Corvinus University futures team he coordinated the organisaiton of the Budapest Futures Courses 1999-2005 and two world conferences in 2005, 2007. He served the Executive Board 2005-2009. Since 2000 he also shares his time with the Association of Somogy People, where he was born. He contributed as an executive board member, an associate president and lately as a president for 16 years. Now he focuses rather on the foresight research questions of the region.

Conference activities