24th World Conference

28th October, 2021 (Thursday)
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Visions of the Future: Art, Genetics and Artificial Intelligence

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Author, filmmaker and journalist, Freelance
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Derek Woodgate interviews Tanja Küchle about her 2019 documentary “Visions of the Future: Art, Genetics and Artificial Intelligence”. The discussion will explore how the art world is engaging with the latest technology and advances in science and what this reveals about potential futures. With references to the work of various visionary artists and cultural practitioners who work with technologies, such as artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, virtual reality, and others, Tanja will reflect upon the opportunities and risks that these technologies entail and attempt to create awareness and the basis for further research. The discussion will also touch upon how foresight practitioners can learn from the progressive, unbridled, freewheeling approaches of artists such as Maja Smrekar, Trevor Paglen, Tomas Saraceno, Charlotte Jarvis, etc, all of whom believe art has the power of imagining how the future could be, but that it also allows us to explore man’s limits and existential questions of consciousness.