Mika Aaltonen

Economist, Author and Professor (Complexity and Foresight)
Crossroads – Transformations on the Road to 2040 
Visiting Researcher
London School of Economics

Mika Aaltonen is a Ph.D. (economics), Adjunct Professor (foresight & complexity), author of 16 books with some of the best experts and for some of the most prestigious organisations in the world. He has worked as visiting researcher at the London School of Economics (UK), the Conservatoire National des Arts et Meětiers (France) and the Gregorian University (Italy).  Amongst Mika´s books are The Third Lens (Routledge), Robustness – Anticipatory and Adaptive Human Systems (Emergent Publications), The Renaissance Society (McGraw-Hill, with Danish futurist Rolf Jensen), Crossroads – Transformations on the Road to 2040 (with American analyst Michael Loescher), and most recently Education in the 2020 – Hope and Where it Comes From.

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