24th World Conference

28th October, 2021 (Thursday)
Parallel session
Part of the ONLINE program

Futures and Sci-fi

Session Chair
Scientific Director and Founding Partner, Z_punkt GmbH – The Foresight Company
Sci-Fi author, Multiple publications
Session Description

This session is aimed to explore the multi-faceted relations of futures studies and science fiction on the background of a globally increasing interest in using sci-fi imaginary in futures studies, in world-building and story-telling, and in understanding the role of science fiction as contemporary mythology. Sci-fi about e. g. bio-futures, artificial intelligence, or space exploration confronts us with thought-provoking images of the future of humankind, and it poses irritating philosophical and ethical questions. The panel will ask what benefit can futures studies take from science fiction (and, perhaps, vice versa)? What are the main differences in these two practices of “using the future”: science fiction and futures studies? How can science fiction contribute to the promotion of future thinking? Most sci-fi images of the future are dystopias: What is their role? Do we need more utopian thinking is science fiction? Science fiction, once a domain of male white nerds, is becoming much more diverse: What are upcoming trends in science fiction, what do they tell us about our societies, and what is their relevance for futures studies?
The panel will start with a short pre-recorded interview with famous writer Greg Bear, followed by an introductory keynote by Tom Lombardo.

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